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ReSound Vea

Trouble hearing? ReSound Vea can help and at a price you can afford. ReSound Vea brings you back into the world of sound and helps you communicate with people around you. It uses the latest technology to meet your fundamental hearing needs. And it’s easy to use, comfortable and water resistant.

General Features


Who’s it for?

ReSound Vea digital hearing aids are suitable for people with mild to profound hearing losses. At a price you’ll like.

What does it offer?

  • ReSound Vea sounds good - Helps you understand conversation, even in noisy places. And they don’t whistle when you hug someone or pick up the phone.
  • ReSound Vea is simple - It’s easy to handle and you can control volume and settings yourself.
  • ReSound Vea is durable - Protected against humidity – so they last longer.
  • ReSound Vea and you - Choose from a variety of models and colors to suit your needs and preferences.

Hearing aid models and listening environments.

ReSound Vea hearing aids are available in three Behind-the-Ear (BTE) models and three custom models.

Styles and colors

ReSound Vea 60
ReSound Vea 60
ReSound Vea 70
ReSound Vea 70
ReSound Vea 80
ReSound Vea 80
ReSound Vea Custom
ReSound Vea Custom


ReSound Vea
Series Control Series
Listening environments Quiet
Levels of hearing loss
Color choices  
Wind noise reduction Yes
Volume control Yes
Program button Yes
Battery size 10
Battery life (hours) 234
Processing 7-band Warp (6 handles)
Programs 4 customizable
Directional choices Adaptive Directionality
Fixed Directionality
Directional beam widths Wide
Environmental Optimizer No
Styles Behind-the-ear
Custom in-the-ear
Feedback suppression Dual Stabilizer II DFS with integrate WhistleControl
Telecoil Yes
EchoStop No
DataLogging Onboard Analyzer II